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18 Nov TRI Can Make you Look Like a Hero. Find out how!

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Since 1968, Bozeman Distributors of Baton Rouge has been working hard making automatic car wash operations throughout Louisiana and Mississippi–and beyond–look great. From its top-of-the-line car-washing systems to vacuum combo units and high-security pay stations, Bozeman’s capabilities for outfitting car wash businesses, and for providing them with after-sales support, are unparalleled in their industry. And Bozeman’s strategic partnership with Transaction Resources, Inc. (TRI) as its credit-card processing vendor of choice for its customers’ car wash pay stations has made Bozeman look great, too.

“The car wash business owners of today know that they must have all the goodies, including credit card-enabled pay stations, to be competitive,” says Bozeman’s President, Eric Weimer. “One way that we bring exceptional customer service to these businesses is to seamlessly provide all the layers of that credit card processing implementation for them at a very high level. We tried TRI after one of our strategic manufacturing partners recommended them, and we were so impressed with their ability to work with us and our pay station manufacturer that we started recommending them to every new customer. A win-win referral program was born,” Weimer says.

Now, after making TRI’s credit card processing an opt-in feature of the Bozeman implementation process for ten years, ninety-five percent of Bozeman’s car wash customer base has a TRI-enabled pay station. “And I come out looking like a hero!” Weimer chuckles.

So what sets TRI apart from the other card processing service providers that Weimer and his sales team could be recommending?

“We could use any merchant services provider,” he acknowledges, “but with TRI, their service is superb, so I know it’s going to get done right and I just don’t have to worry about it. And I know that our relationship with TRI is one of the reasons that Bozeman has continued with unprecedented business growth.”

How many of your customers and prospects would love the convenience and confidence of having TRI solutions backing your products or services? Call or email us today to find out more about starting your own mutually beneficial TRI referral program.


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