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Your restaurant is unique. So why settle for a "one-size-fits-all" payment processing system? Combining the latest technology with our comprehensive restaurant expertise, we will recommend a total processing solution that fits your business.

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Customized Services for Restaurants

  • waitress-taking-card-from-a-woman-and-manThe latest generation of processing hardware and software supporting dial-up and IP communications
  • Easy-to-understand reports to simplify tip edits and balance daily sales
  • POS interfaces connecting directly to cash registers for quicker and more accurate processing
  • Onsite staff training and ongoing reviews to control costs and improve efficiency
  • BusinessTrack‚Ą†, web-based reporting service sorts transactions and settled batches for easy reconciliation
  • Gift and Loyalty Card options to boost sales and strengthen customer relationships

Client Comments

"TRI has provided great service and competitive rates since we opened our first location in 1998."

Jay Gould, President
Flatbread Company

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Restaurant Articles

Our free articles illustrate our process in action.

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Many retailers sell gift certificates and wonder if switching to gift cards could be a way to boost sales and increase loyalty. The answer is yes to both.


How POS Integration Speeds End of Day Closing and Reduces Errors

Any busy retail, restaurant or lodging merchant can tell you processing of sales, including their associated Credit Card transactions is an essential element in providing good customer service and efficient allocation of staff time. Integrating credit card processing with POS systems saves time and money. One TRI customers saves over $10,000 per year in reduced payroll expense because of efficient end of day closing!


The Top 8 Hidden Fees and How to Expose Them

The merchant Credit Card business is highly competitive. Many banks and processing companies use aggressive and somewhat deceptive sales tactics to lure new customers. Businesses sign-up thinking they closed a great deal. The deal soon looses its luster as more and more "hidden fees" pop up increasing the overall cost. Are any of these lurking in your agreement?