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Lodging & Resorts

Whether you're a small, intimate country inn or large-scale, multi-dimensional resort, delivering top-notch service throughout your establishment is critical to your success.

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Customized Services for Lodges & Resorts

Among our premier clients are many of the largest ski lodges and ski resorts nationwide. 

  • fuzzy ski lodge ausTerminal applications specially designed for smaller properties (less than 50 rooms) or terminal and property management system interfaces for properties with more than 50 rooms
  • Terminal applications handle advance deposits, check-in, check-out and all the
    nuances of room and resort credit card acceptance
  • Visa and MasterCard transactions qualify at the lowest possible interchange rates
  • Property Management System interfaces directly connect to credit card networks for increased speed and accuracy
  • Onsite staff training and ongoing reviews to control costs and improve efficiency
  • BusinessTrack‚Ą†, web-based reporting service sorts transactions and settled batches for easy reconciliation
  • Gift and Loyalty Card options to boost sales and strengthen customer relationships

    With loyalty and club card enhancements, payments throughout a single property can be achieved with a single card. Coupled with TRI's personal attention, multi-vendor/multi-POS environments presented by recreational businesses, such as golf resorts, ski lodges and resorts, and resort casinos benefit from powerful online tools that administer accounts like no other company. Twenty years in business gives TRI the edge to help make your business more efficient and provide data for excellent marketing research and branding.

Client Comments

"Switching to TRI; the whole process was uneventful. You did what you said you would do. The rates are reasonable. It works."

Ray Morley, Owner
Ipswich Bed & Breakfast

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Many merchants hire seasonal staff. The new employees usually receive some sales and customer service training. Often overlooked is training on Credit Card processing. Improperly trained staff can cost merchants a significant amount of money and effort. One of our ski resort clients found a few hours of training saved them $15,000 a year. We have outlined some of the more common situations where improperly trained staff may make costly errors. Any sound familiar to you?