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The TRI Conversion Guarantee is just one example of the extra steps we take to ensure ultimate satisfaction. You provide the leads and we do the work; from initial prospect contact, system recommendation, and implementation to ongoing support.

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Partnership Referral Programs

Partner with TRI and grow your business with our referral program. We'll develop a referral program that works best with your business style. Know that when you connect your customers to TRI's services you'll have happy customers!

transaction resources bank partnersWe can also build in a commission basis for your referrals.

Client Comments

"TRI is quick to respond, thorough in their research, honest in their pricing, and dedicated to serving our customers."

Nicole Fortier, Branch Manager
Dean Bank

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The Top 8 Hidden Fees and How to Expose Them

The merchant Credit Card business is highly competitive. Many banks and processing companies use aggressive and somewhat deceptive sales tactics to lure new customers. Businesses sign-up thinking they closed a great deal. The deal soon looses its luster as more and more "hidden fees" pop up increasing the overall cost. Are any of these lurking in your agreement?